The key to avoiding insolvency is to seek professional help as soon as the first signs of difficulty appear. The experienced professionals at LWM Group can assist in identifying problem areas and suggest solutions to improve the position of the company. Timely, expert advice could save your business from liquidation or receivership.

Receivership entails someone being appointed to raise funds within the company to repay a financier. 

Liquidation becomes necessary when the company does not have enough assets to its daily business. A liquidator disposes of all the company assets, repays the creditors, and the company ceases to exist.

In the event that liquidation or receivership becomes necessary, LWM Group has the required experience and skills to assist you. 

Sean Mulligan and Simon Hardie will take you methodically through these processes and you can rest easy knowing that everything has been dealt with appropriately.

If your business is struggling under financial or operational difficulties we encourage you to consider meeting with Ian Lamont or Matthew Moore whose proactive and insightful advice can help you to take action to avoid, or at least minimise, the ramifications to your family, your employees and your creditors.

Contact us today for an appointment and expert advice to assist with your situation.

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